Weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve just spent 3 nights in a very cold Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a pretty laid back European city with plenty to see and do. I found the Danish people to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. Everyone that I came in contact with during my time in Copenhagen had perfect English.

Copenhagen is a little expensive, although not as expensive as Paris. The price of a latte is around €4.30, compared with about €5 in Paris. VAT in Denmark is 25%, (one of) the highest rate in the EU. If you have a smartphone be sure to download a currency conversion app such as XE currency as converting Danish Kroner can be a bit awkward. €10 is equal to roughly kr75.

It was a bit tough trying to figure out the Danish capitals transport system though. The names of all of the transport stops are pretty much unpronounceable for an Irish guy like me so I had a hard time trying to figure out if the train platform I was standing on was going to take me to my final destination or take me in the opposite direction. A helpful tip if you’re taking the train from Copenhagen Central Station (written as Kobenhavn H on the timetables) to Copenhagen Airport (called CPH Lufthavn on the timetables): Both the CPH Lufthavn and the Malmo C train will take you to Copenhagen Airport. Between the two trains you should have six departures every hour and the journey time takes 15 minutes.

As in Amsterdam, most people get around the city by bike, There’s plenty of options for tourists who wish to hire a bike while they’re there but I passed this time round. There’s currently construction work taking place throughout the city as part of the new underground Metro network that’s scheduled to open in 2018.

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