Universal Studios, Orlando: The Ultimate Theme Park For Your Inner Geek

Theme parks aren’t just for kids anymore! Universal Studios, located in Orlando, Florida is any Geeks fantasy land. Let me show you why…

1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Step into Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade and let your inner wizard fly free! Whether it has been your dream to sip butterbeer, buy a wand, explore your dark side, or ride a dragon, you will leave the wizarding world a new, happier muggle.

2. Super Rides! With roller-coasters featuring your favorite heros, the Marvel area of Universal Studios brings comics to life! You can swing along side Spider-Man or rev-up with the Hulk and then go eat like Captain America or the Fantastic Four!

3. Jurassic Park Adventures! Every adult has a long forgotten child paleontologist within them! Let that little scientist out again and explore the area where dinosaurs roam! Visit these life-like giant monsters in their ‘natural habitat’ on the water ride, or grab so dino-inspired food.

4. Horror Makeup Show. Get a behind the scenes look at how monsters are really made! This show brings TV and movie make up to life! While you wait, you can even get to see some of your favorite movie props from the most well-known horror flicks!

5. Transformers 3D Ride. This ride fully immerses you into the battle of the bots! It is a 3D ride that makes you feel like Bumblebee is fighting right next to you and that the fate of the world may just be in your hands!

6. Men in Black Alien Attack. This is for all of you who love to zap aliens and save the world! You are in charge of patrolling the streets of New York and killing the aliens! You have to be quick and a good shot because these aliens fight back! The fun part about this ride is that it has multiple different endings so it is always worth another trip!

As you can see, theme parks are a destination for all ages. Release your inner geek at Universal Studios!


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