Tourism in Spain

tourism in spain

Every year more than 30 million people are visiting Spain for holiday. Spain is a modern country in Europe, where you can do and see a lot of things. You can go to the beach, go swimming or have nice dinner at one of the restaurants, where they serve typical Spain food like paella.

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A lot of people just want to enjoy the beautiful view, that’s also possible in Spain. You can make a hike through to forest and see the amazing trees and mountains. Be sure to hire a person that’s going to show you the way, because you could easily get lost. As if this wasn’t enough, Spain also has a lot of beautiful islands.

Rent holiday villa in Spain

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Costa Brava

Spain has a lot of tourism and that means that there are a lot of places you should have to see. It’s often, that people stay at a hotel in the city. But why don’t you rent a holiday home? A holiday home is perfect if you want to stay at one place for more than a week. Some people only hire house, because of its location. Most of the elderly people are choosing a location with a lot of nature, because they like to see the trees and make a walk. The young adults usually rent cheap villas in Spain near the center, so they can walk to all the bars and clubs. It’s also possible to hire a holiday villa, this is a more luxurious version of a vacation house. You can stay at a villa with a pool and a sauna, and most important Wi-Fi. Make sure to check if your house has Wi-Fi, because some not luxurious vacation houses also have a Wi-Fi connection. Looking for a villa rental in Spain? Click here.

Why is Spain so popular?

One of the main reasons people go to Spain, is the weather. It’s warm and sunny throughout the whole year. Another reason why Spain is so popular, is because the country is multicultural, there are people from all different countries, which makes it so much more fun. You can eat the most amazing food, go shopping in Barcelona, go surfing etc. You can make it as adventurous as you want, it’s up to you!
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