The Beginning

I’ve decided to start a blog to record my upcoming trip to America. I’ve 3 weeks and no plan other than to visit Vegas for 3 days between the 11-13th of January for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do for the other 2 and a half weeks.

Normally when I go travelling I have everything planned to military precision but since I’ve visited many of the big touristy cities in the states already, I’ve decided to ditch the plan and make it up as I go along. I’m going to hire a car in my arrival destination (still haven’t figured out where I’m flying into yet either) and just go wherever I fancy.

As I have an affinity to the tourist industry, I’m also going to review the hotels I stay in along the way. I’ve decided to use apps like Hotel Tonight to find deals and to help decide where to stay. I’m relying on the January sales to get a good deal on transatlantic flights and I’m also going to use apps like Skyscanner to find cheap internal airfares.

This could be an epic adventure or an absolute disaster but either way I’m going to record my thoughts here and see how it goes!

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