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boeing-777-interiorNow that I’ve taken my flight to Vegas booked through, I wanted to follow up my experience following on from my previous post here.

Within 24 hours of booking through the website, I had received email confirmation of my reservation which I then checked on British Airways own website, once I seen my name and reservation on the BA website I was a lot more at ease that my booking was sound. One curious thing I did notice though on BA’s website was that there appeared to be 2 extra flights on my reservation that I knew nothing about. According to my booking, I was flying from Paris to Vegas via London as normal, but I was also frying from New York to Heathrow the following week and from Heathrow to Copenhagen the day after that.

There was no mention of these two flights on the booking page so I contacted their support team to find out why. There’s no contact number to call (I knew this from my research into before making the booking). The only way to contact support is to raise a ticket and they promise to answer within 24 hours. Sure enough, I received a response in less than 24 hours, albeit written in slightly poor English. The explanation for the 2 extra flights was that by booking these additional flights the fare works out cheaper than just a Paris-Las Vegas flight. I don’t quite understand the logic, but the price couldn’t be beat, were just over €1000 cheaper than the same flight direct on

On an interesting side note, these extra flights saved my bacon at the boarding gate to Vegas. I haven’t booked a return flight from America to Ireland yet as I’m still undecided if I will be flying home from Los Angeles or Orlando with Aer Lingus. Security weren’t going to let me board the flight until I had booked a return ticket home, which would probably have cost me a lot more than I was planning. When the lady at the desk went to book a ticket for me she reminded me of the New York-London flight in my name. I’m not sure now if I should take this flight home and spend a couple of days in NY or stick with the original plan and fly home from either LA or Orlando, I’ll decide in a day or two.

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