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I use Skyscanner to research flight prices and destinations, it’s a great website and powerful search tool. On several of my searches Skyscanner has returned great fare prices from a travel website called At first I thought it was the well-known travel agent based in Dublin, but is in no way associated with it’s .com namesake. I’m always a little reluctant to book on any 3rd party intermediary websites to begin with but the fact that was coming in at over €1000 cheaper on the Paris>Las Vegas airfare than made me doubly skeptical.

A google search doesn’t exactly instil confidence either with ‘Scam’, ‘cancelled’ and ‘Don’t book’ among some of the keywords used. Two things keep my curiosity alive though; first, the knowledge that disgruntled customers with an unhappy experience are more likely to vent their anger online than happy ones; and secondly, the €1000 saving!

I think I’m going to book the flights but I’m going to call the airline directly afterwards to confirm everything is in order. I’d prefer not to be taking a chance like this with the transatlantic flights but again the saving can’t be ignored. I’ll post my experience of here once I’ve everything booked and confirmed.

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  • I keep seeing a lot of bad reviews about sky tours, but they seem to have really good prices just wondering if it’s worth it.

    • Hi Mariah! I have to say I was skeptical before I booked but I had no issues with my booking and they were far cheaper than booking direct with the airline. Lee

    • This company is a scam. They claim that: Outstanding Customer Service: Customer Support is the core of our philosophy and our aim is to provide the best service at the best possible price.
      Clear and transparent information: We offer a price and keep it from the beginning till the end, without adding any additional charges ( such us credit card fees or extra taxes)
      Yet when it comes down to it they won’t support you, or help you. They’re the worst travel company I’ve every dealt with and I live abroad and travel 8-10 times a year. It looks like you’re saving money, but the reality of it is they won’t inform you of a changed flight itinerary which will result in you having to book a last minute flight which they won’t reimburse. This company does not care about you as a customer and you will end up paying much more due to their incompetence. Avoid at all cost!!!! They say they’re passionate about travel but really they’re passionate about themselves and making money. They’re also passionate about not taking care of you as a customer.

  • is the worst company that I had ever dealt with. Do not use them!
    I purchased two flight tickets from in July 2016. It was the worst experience that I had ever endured. I purchased 2 one way tickets from Ushuaia to Santiago. While I was buying the ticket, there was nothing to tell me that the ticket was restricted and could not be changed or cancelled. I only found out these restrictions after I purchased the ticket, and these restrictions were stated in my confirmation email. Within the same day, I wanted to make change to the flight date, so I emailed them to request a change. I did not receive any reply for a few hours, so I went to bed. The next day, I received their email stating that I need to cancel the ticket as it was still within the 24 hours windows of free cancellation, and then make a new booking. I then replied and asked them to cancel and re-book new ticket. But I was told that it had passed the 24 hours time limit, and nothing can be changed or cancelled, and that I had lost all of the $1,200 that I paid. They then asked if I want to cancel the ticket and only receive the tax portion of the ticket as refund. I then contacted the airline – Latam directly, and they told me that the ticket that I purchased had no restriction, but the travel agent had put a lock on the ticket, so only they can change the ticket. Latam could not make changes. After numerous emails to sky-tours, they still refused to do anything. I then went to Latam airline office and pleaded with their customer service officer, and was lucky to find them extremely helpful, and had a sense of justice. She decided to over-ride the system and changed the date for me. In final word of advice. Do not use

  • Don’t book with this company, they won’t support you when a flight is cancelled. They won’t inform you when a flight is cancelled. And even when they acknowledge they’ve screwed up and left you stranded at an airport, they won’t reimburse the last minute flight you’re forced to book. Worst company ever. Avoid at all costs, it’ll cost you more in the long run, and they’ll just point their finger at the airline instead of taking ownership for their mistake. Zero accountability, zero customer service and zero willingness to fight for you.

  • They are very unreliable and they will create any type of scenario to make money out of you. I will definitely not use them again..and encourage people not to use them

  • I tried to book flights to Thailand 3 times. I found the ideal flights, entered all my details and paid (payment pending on my card) and each time I got a message saying the flights were no longer available. After each failed booking, sky-tours contacted me offering me the same flights with a £1000 price increase. They are known for advertising flights they don’t have then offering expensive alternatives. I think they hope people will panic buy. I went elsewhere and would advise anyone else to do the same. If you can’t trust them at the start then imagine if you needed some help with something.

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