Hotel Review: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The-Cosmopolitan-exterior1There was only one hotel that I absolutely wanted to stay in on this trip and that was the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The last time I was in Vegas the Cosmopolitan had just opened its doors and I was staying in the Planet Hollywood resort at the time, which is just across the road. My room had a direct view of the 6th floor pool area which looked out of this world. That weekend the place was wedged and had an amazing buzz about the place so I promised myself that the next time I was in Vegas I was going to stay in the Cosmopolitan.

The Cosmo was by far the dearest hotel on the trip which meant that I could only stay the one night, even though I would have loved to stay more. I’d also like to see it in the spring/summer time and see the pool area in action, while I was there it he pool was covered over and had an outdoor skate rink on top of it. The rink is open until the 20th January.


The opening of CityCenter and the Cosmopolitan on Harman corner, as well as the existing super resorts (Bellagio, Paris, Planet Hollywood, MGM & Monte Carlo) make it the place to be in Vegas.

The property boarders the Bellagio so roughly half of the rooms have views of the spectacular fountain display that happens every half-hour or so.


I had a south-facing terrace room on the 33rd floor that had spectacular views of the Bellagio fountains. When I pulled back the blinds for the first time there was a show already in progress with the fountains dancing to the tune of Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas – pretty sweet! Being out on a balcony on the 33rd floor in the middle of January can be pretty cold though.

The room was massive, had 3 sections, each of which was roughly equal in size. The bathroom had walk in shower and separate jacuzzi bath, the living room area had a large L-shaped sofa and 42″ high definition tv and the bedroom area had another 42″ flat screen facing the bed.

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The hotel opened on the 15th December 2010 so everything is still pretty new. The room itself is spotless, lots of shiny surfaces of marble & chrome, all shined to an inch of their lives. Every time I passed through the lobby I seen a staff buffing the floors or polishing the mirrors or massive big LED screens.


Service and staff training is exceptional. The reception staff come out from behind the counter to bring guests to the check-in desk. There’s none of that fake niceness either, I found the lady who checked me in to be genuinely friendly. She also remembered my name when walking me to the lift, shame I can’t remember hers right now. Another nice touch is that bottles of water are handed out to everyone in the queue waiting to be checked in. The queue was pretty big but I was surprised how quickly it moved on.

I had to call guest relations once I got to my room as the safe wouldn’t open for me. I called for desk and they said they would send security right up. When he arrived, I explained that it was locked before I entered the room so it was probably the previous occupant. When he heard this he said that he would have to call another security member (or agent, to use the correct term). Apparently, the reason for this is so there’s a second agent present to witness the opening, just in case there are any belongings from the previous occupant in the safe. It seemed a little excessive to have two 6-foot+ guys dressed in suits and earpieces that could easily pass as CIA agents, in my room to reprogram a safe. On the other side though, it’s reassuring that they take it so seriously and are so professional in their approach.


Internet is included in the resort fee and allows you to connect as many devices as you like. The resort fee is $25 a night though, pretty steep. I was getting speeds of 5mb up and down, which is pretty decent for a hotel.


The place to be in Vegas, I love it here. It’s certainly not the cheapest place on the strip but for good reason. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has to be one of the best hotels in Las Vegas and definitely one of the best I’ve stayed in in all my travels. I’ve stayed in both the Aria and the Wynn and I have to say the Cosmopolitan comes out tops.

Total Score: 96%

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