Author - Aviatorathome

Hello from 37,000 feet!

I’m writing this post from 37,000ft above ground, just over the Grand Canyon as my flight between Las Vegas and St. Louis has wifi available on board! For only $5 a device, you can be connected to the net in the sky for 24 hours , which means the cost also covers my connecting flight to New York. Speeds are pretty decent for a satellite... Follow up

Now that I’ve taken my flight to Vegas booked through, I wanted to follow up my experience following on from my previous post here. Within 24 hours of booking through the website, I had received email confirmation of my reservation which I then checked on British Airways own website, once I seen my name and...

Hotel Review: Yotel Gatwick Airport

Reason for booking I had a 12-hour stopover in London on my way to Las Vegas and needed somewhere to sleep for the night. As I was only sleeping there, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy or expensive. I found the Yotel Gatwick Airport, a new take on the Japanese capsule hotel concept. You get a 7m2 cabin with bed, shower, toilet & desk in a...

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